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We are international, multidisciplinary and we invest in the continuous improvement of processes and technologies. We are aware of the social and environmental impact of projects and we develop sustainable solutions that mitigate risks and protect the economic investment.


Hydraulic Engineering

OAC Ingegneria Partners boast a long-lived scientific research experience  developed in years of continuous and profitable collaborations with several Universities. In the field of river and coastal engineering, OAC Ingegneria, therefore, offers to the Clients consulting and design services based on  the state of the art of the scientific and technical knowledge, together with the use of  the most updated and reliable computational software.

This activity covers both structural design of hydraulic works and numerical modeling in different contexts, such as:

  •     Numerical simulations of floods in natural rivers or artificial channels
  •     1D or 2D numerical modeling of the morpho-dynamic response of a river
  •     Steady and unsteady flow simulations
  •     Hydrological analysis at different scales
  •     Numerical simulation of the sea waves propagation
  •     Analysis of the evolution of the coastal environment

Structural Engineering

OAC Ingegneria  has an established experience in the whole project cycle of design, construction, modification or restoration of buildings and complex structures in civil, commercial and industrial environments.

In particular, the Company has developed important competences in the design of:

  • Steel and concrete complex structures;
  • Direct and special foundation structures for buildings, machines and various equipments
  • Water and fluids treatments basins
  • Steel structures for buildings with overhead crane
  • Pipe-racks
  • Blast furnace towers, cookeries and coal towers
  • Reinforced concrete structures for industrial buildings
  • Drainage system: rain, sewage and industrial networks
  • Electrical underground network and earthing work
  • Architectural details
  • Roads and pavements

Geotechnical Engineering

OAC Ingegneria makes use of the cutting-edge technology in terms of constitutive models and their ability to simulate the real soil behavior. As result, soil-structure interaction is properly accounted for, thus reflecting in a better design.

OAC has gathered experience on the design of shallow and deep foundations of:

  •     Energy production plants
  •     Quay walls
  •     Raw material repositories
  •     Railway stations
  •     Tunnels
  •     Underground repositories

Moreover, the company has dealt with slope stability and river dams. For special problems, OAC cooperates with Wesi Geotecnica Srl, Italian market leader of numerical analysis for geotechnical engineering.


Structural dynamic analyses

Owing to the great expertise in structural dynamic analysis and innovative modeling, OAC Ingegneria is competent to develop:

  • Behaviour analysis of foundations forced by periodic and/or dynamic actions induced by rotating machines
  • Static and dynamic pushover analysis of building constructions
  • Modal analysis related to structure response for averting resonance
  • Non-linear dynamic analysis

Design reviews

OAC Ingegneria specific ability in the accurate study of Codes and Standards within national and international field has allowed the specialization in the development of "Design Reviews" for projects of structures already developed by other designers.
Through precise and severe audit procedures, the Company returns to the Client a clear and complete pattern for the design under control and, if necessary, suggests and plans design and constructive revisions in compliance with the provisions of the reference standards.

Tender design

OAC Ingegneria works in this field by supporting all the other design activities. The Company brings the whole project, from the beginning (feasibility) to the construction, through BOQ and cost estimation, price and market analysis and works accounting.
In particular, trough the tender design, OAC Ingegneria follows the Client’s needs from the early  preliminary stage to the project finalization by providing global technical assistance: bill of quantities and drawings for tender; civil works specifications; regulatory issues and permits; project and work in progress control; cost control;  economical project management; technical assistance on other supplier tender.


  • Autodesk Advance Steel 2015
  • STAAD.Pro
  • Tekla Structures
  • Basement ETH Zurich
  • CSE