We Design to Improve. We operate in full compliance with international norms and construction standards of Countries where our expertise is requested. We expand the boundaries of our activities and we treasure of a positive global approach to trasform the project into an opportunity for growth and consolidation of our highly specialized background.

Hydraulic Engineering

  • Optimization of a Dam Network. Unsteady 1D Hydraulic Modeling
  • Wave Height Propagation Model and Beach Nourishment Design
  • 1D-2D Integrated Hydraulic Modeling for Floodplain evaluation and Flood Protection Design
  • 2D morphodynamic evolution of a River Bars Pattern
  • 2D morphodynamic evolution of a River Bifurcation
  • 1D Morphodynamic Analysis of a Lid configuration in downstream urbanized area
  • 1D Morphodynamic Analysis and Celerity evaluation of a River Dredging
  • Ink Injection CFD simulation. Spray layout optimization

Structural engineering

  • Coal Tower Hopper Steel Design . Evaluation of Charge/Discharge shock effects (NBR & Eurocode)
  • Volume 3D elements material non linear analysis for the local effect due to an high load condition on a reinforced concrete support (Eurocode)
  • Reinforced concrete coke silo Design for a Steel Plant Stock-House. Evaluation of Charge/Discharge shock effects (NBR & Eurocode)
  • Steel structure and foundation Design of a Turbine Hall for an Energy Combined Cycle Plant (AISC & Eurocode)
  • High capacity crane Steel Design. Geometrical non linear buckling analysis for the main structures and the horizontal bracing system (AISC & Eurocode)
  • Design Review of HRSG steel structures for an Energy Combined Cycle Plant (Eurocode)
  • Reinforced concrete and foundation Design of an anchored Pinion Wall for a Steel Plant (Indian Standard & Eurocode)
  • Cable-Stayed Footbridge Design. Dynamic and Resonance Analysis for wind effect evaluation (Eurocode)
  • Steel Plant End Platform Design (NBR & AISC)

Geotechnical engineering

  • Seismic local response analysis (NTC2008) - Collaboration with WESI Geotechnical srl.
  • Geotechnical modeling of river banks for the analysis of the transient triggered by the arrival of the flood wave and its degree of safety (NTC2008) - Collaboration with WESI Geotechnical srl.
  • Multi-anchored embedded retaining wall for excavation protection with evaluation of the stresses, deformations and settlements on the back (NTC2008)
  • Sheet pile wall with tie-back system for temporary excavation (NTC2008)