Continuous improvement

In a world characterized by natural events sometimes unpredictable, mitigate risks and plan for environmental sustainability are essential prerequisites. In addition to field work and research, We are also involved in the academic training of new generations of engineers. So that, Tomorrow's World lies in safe hands.

Tecnology & Innovation

Excel in the profession also means being aware that a conscious use of modern computing software can be faithful ally and important enhancing for creativity and intellect in the development of engineering activities.

OAC Ingegneria has always invested so that the use of the best software supports both quality assurance and human error's control and, where required by a particular project characteristics, innovates through direct development of ad-hoc computing solutions .

Transfer of knowledge

Transmission of knowledge is our further and not secondary goal. We believe that an high-quality design philosophy can communicate not only economic values​​ and that this approach can be transmitted to future engineers  for an always technically and socially responsible carreer.

Basing its background on a continuous professional, normative and academic training, OAC Ingegneria provides to students and colleagues its consolidated technical and experiential baggage through training activities and advanced teaching.